V.A. - Unreleased Dubs Vol.1 (Cassette Tape)



We are dropping our 1st casette tape "Unreleased Dubs Vol.1" on 14th October. It's collaboration between us and a cassette tape label Mastered Hissnoise. We've compiled 7 unreleased dubplates from Bim One Production, Asher Senator, Ichihashi Dubwise, 1TA and Night Scoops (Dub Mazman and Hiroshi) UK/EU distribution news coming soon!


2017/10/14 Out

V.A. - Riddim Chango Presents Unreleased Dubs Vol.1 -Tape-

Cat#: RCCS

( Tracklist )

A-1 Bim One Production "Bubble Di Riddim"

A-2 Bim One Production "Untitled Dub"

A-3 Asher Senator "Drop The Bass"

B-1 Ichihashi Dubwise "Shab Dub!!!"

B-2 Night Scoops ( Hiroshi & Dub Kazman ) "Search"

B-3 Night Scoops "Search Part 2"

B-4 1TA "Ingland Riddim"

Riddim Chango初のテープ作品「Riddim Chango Unreleased Dubs Vol.1」が10/14に開催される"カセットストアデイ2017"を皮切りにリリースします。テープ専門レーベルMastered Hissnoiseの協力の元、これまで未発表だったダブ・プレートを中心に全7曲収録。Bim One Production, Asher Senator, Ichihashi DubwiseそしてNight Scoops、1TAなどの秘蔵曲をコンパイル。


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